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Frequently Asked Questions
When should we purchase our memorial?  There is not a specific time frame that a
memorial needs to be purchased in.  The time to purchase a memorial is different for
everyone.   The memorial brings closure to a loved one's time on Earth.  For some, a
memorial is needed immediately.  Some need months, or even years, before they are ready
for one.

What color of stone will show up best?  This depends on many factors.  First you need to
know what you would like on the memorial.  If you are looking for something with lots of detail,
a darker colored stone is better.  If you are looking for laser engraving on the memorial, then
we would recommend a black memorial.  If you are looking for something simple, then any of
the colors will work.  Another factor is the water that is used at the cemetery.  The minerals in
the water show up on some stones more than others.  It is sometimes helpful to walk around
the cemetery to see how the other stones look.  

What type of memorial should I purchase?   This is a personal choice.  The memorial can
be very simple to very elaborate.  Some cemeteries have requirements for the memorials (i.e.
the memorial has to be flush with the ground, it has to be a certain style or certain size).  If you
are not sure about the regulations, contact the cemetery care taker and he/she can help you
with any requirements.

What if I don't want a memorial that looks like a traditional memorial?   We can make
memorials in any shape, any size and any color.  Stop on by to show us your ideas or take a
look at some not-so-traditional designs.

What added value is there in a base?  A base will help show off the memorial.  It sets it off
of the ground and makes it look nicer.  It also helps protect the memorial from equipment that
is used in the cemetery.  

What should I look for when choosing a company to do my headstone?
The quality of engraving and design
The depth of engraving
The deeper the engraving the longer it will last.
If the engraving is shallow, then it could disappear or be very hard to read in a few years.  
Quality of Setting

What other projects do you do?  We have done signs, bricks and address rocks.  We
have worked on glass and mirrors.  Take a peek at a few of our

How long does it take to get a memorial set at the cemetery? This depends on many
factors.  If we have the memorial in stock, we are able to get it set faster than if we have to
order the stone.  The weather and design work are also factors.  During the summer it is
usually at least two months.  During the winter months it will be longer because we need to
wait for the ground to thaw before we can set the memorial.

We already have a stone with both my mother's and father's names on it.  My mother
just passed away.  How do I get her dates added?
 That is called a re-letter.  Call the
office to give the information that will need to be added to the memorial.  We may need to go
look at it before calculating a price.  If we do not have the original design in our computer, we
will use a rubbing to match the size, font, style and spacing used on the memorial.  This
ensures that it looks like it was all done at the same time.  We go out two times a year, in the
spring (before Memorial Day) and in the fall to take care of re-letters.

Why do I have to pay for the re-letter?  Wasn't that taken care of when the stone was
first bought?
The price of the stone when it is first put up takes care of all work done at that
time.  Any additional work will cost extra.

What forms of payment do you accept?  We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard,
American Express and Discover
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